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Membership Benefits

Exclusive Access

Access to many areas of the Funders Network web site is exclusive to our Members. These member-only areas provide valuable information and resources as well as access to our FundersNet Community Calendar, the powerful Grants Database and communication resources. If you are not already a member, take a moment to read about our many Membership benefits below.

If you are already registered, you may log in here.

(If you are not a member, but you meet our membership criteria and would like temporary access to our member area, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The Funders Network is a network of grantmakers who address issues of population, reproductive health and reproductive rights, both domestically and internationally. Its members share a common goal: to ensure that all people have access to the information and services they need to manage their own fertility and protect and promote their sexual and reproductive health. To that end, the Funders Network seeks to improve communication, foster collaboration, increase resources and enhance the overall effectiveness of grantmakers in this field.

Funders Network members have access to a variety of services designed to keep grantmakers up to date and informed about new developments. Through the Funders Network, members learn and share information on issues, strategies, and grantmaking directions.

To join the Funders Network, please send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our staff will review your information and contact you regarding membership.

Membership Criteria

Foundations may join the Funders Network if they support its mission and meet the following criteria:

* A minimum of $60,000 in direct grants in population, reproductive health and rights per year;
* The primary purpose is grantmaking and grants are made to multiple individuals and organizations (not just to subsidiary chapters or organizations and/or to pre-selected grantee organizations);and
* The funding source is predominantly non-governmental.

Corporate giving programs, individuals, philanthropic advisors, and donors’ groups may also be considered for membership. Contact the Funders Network staff for more information